Moringa With Rosemary Hybrid Tea (Moringa Oleifera) Herbal Drink (20 Tea Bags)


  • Product – Moringa With Rosemary (Moringa Oleifera) Herbal Drink
  • Package – 20 Tea Bags


Rosemary herbal drink | Europe taste
Moringa leaves – (Moringa oleifera) with Rosemary – (Salvia rosmarinus) Hybrid taste herbal drink.
Ingredients- Dried moringa leaves and dried rosemary leaves.
Values per pack
Moringa leaves have 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas. It also has calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids, which help your body heal and build muscle. It’s also packed with antioxidants, substances that can protect cells from damage and may boost your immune system.
Rosemary leaves have shown that the carnosic and rosmarinic acids in rosemary have powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Consuming rosemary regularly can potentially help lower the risk of infection and help the immune system fight any infections that do occur.
Moringa with Rosemary | 20 hybrid tea bags
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